Protimeter BLD5025 Baseboard Moisture Probe

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  • Durable probe coating
  • Probe tips do not require drilling holes into drywall
  • Threaded base allows for use of extension handle
  • For use with any Protimeter pin-type moisture meter

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The Protimeter BLD5025 baseboard moisture probe is designed to measure moisture behind baseboard moldings without having to remove them, as well as in sill plates by sliding over carpet and under baseboards. These non-invasive Protimeter moisture probes are insulated and feature a durable coating.

Measurements are only taken at the tips of the Protimeter BLD5025 baseboard moisture probe allowing users to insert and obtain readings are a variety of depths. The BLD5025 is for use with any Protimeter pin-type moisture meter including Surveymaster, Mini, Mini C, Timbermaster and MMS meters.