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  • BLD8800-FL
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  • Reusable sensors with tolerance to high humidity
  • Pin & non-invasive moisture measurement
    • Pin (% WME) 8 to 99%, readings (>30% relative)
    • Non-invasive (RF) 3/4in deep (60 to 1000 relative)
  • Equilibrium humidity measurement in concrete floors
  • Infrared surface temperature range with 12:1 (D:S) ratio
    • -4 to 176°F (-20 to 80°C), ±3.6°F (±2°C) accuracy
  • Data logging with date & time stamp from all functions
    • For up to 8,000 readings
  • Psychrometric calculations
  • Approved for testing under ASTM F2170-11
  • 2-year warranty on mechanical & manufacturing defects

What's in the Box

  • MMS2 moisture meter (BLD8800)
  • Short humidity quickstick (POL8751)
  • Pin calibration check (BLD5086)
  • Software & cable (BLD7758)
  • 5 Mini Hygrosticks with NIST cert (BLD4755-5)
  • Mini Hygrostick extraction tool (BLD4755-EX)
  • Mini Hygrostick extention lead (BLD5806)
  • 20 adjustable humidity sleeves (BLD4650-20)
  • 3/4 concrete drill bit (BLD34DR)
  • Drill stop (BLD34DRCLR)
  • Hex L key, 5/32 inch (BLD34DRCLR-K)
  • Wire hole brush (BLD4653)
  • Salt calibration check adapter (BLD4790-AD)
  • 75% salts test bottle (BLD4790)
  • Adapter for salts bottle (BLD4790-AD)
  • Rugged carrying case (BLD5916)


The Protimeter MMS2 flooring kit has been developed to meet the ASTM F2170-11 standard for in-situ humidity test in concrete. Included is the multi-function Protimeter MMS2 that also allows rapid evaluation of the slabs moisture level.

The new patent pending adjustable sleeves allow the user to make measurements in 4 to 6 inch concrete slabs without the need for cutting the sleeves. Mini Hygrostick sensors are reusable making this the most cost effective system available.

Protimeter MMS2 Flooring Kit Applications

  • Concrete floor relative humidity testing
  • Concrete floor rapid evaluation with non-invasive testing
  • Non-invasive testing though floor covering
  • Wood moisture measurement of sub-floors and floor finishes
  • Ambient relative humidity, temperature and dew point measurement
  • Non-contact surface temperature measurement and surface dew point detection



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