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The GF Signet 2751 pH/ORP smart sensor electronics feature field free calibration, out of range glass impedance, and broken glass detection to alert the operator to probe failure or maintenance needs. It self-configures for pH or ORP operation via automatic recognition of the electrode type. The optional EasyCal feature allows simple push-button calibration and includes an LED indicator for visual feedback.

The 2751 has a preamplified signal and features two different outputs: a two-wire 4 to 20mA loop output with EasyCal function or a digital (S3L) output which allows for longer cable lengths and is compatible with the Signet 8900 or 9900 instruments, and Profibus Concentrator.

The DryLoc electrode connector quickly forms a robust assembly for submersible and in-line installations. NEMA 4X junction enclosures are integral parts of the 2751 in-line version and are also available as accessories for the submersible.

The 2751 submersible preamplifier can also be used as an in-line preamplifier when used with the 3/4 or 1 inch threaded sensors including the 2724, 2734, 2774 and 2764 series electrodes. The in-line preamplifier can be used with Signet fittings up to DN100 (4in) and wet-tap assemblies.

GF Signet 2751 pH/ORP Smart Sensor Electronics Applications

  • Water/wastewater treatment
  • Neutralization systems
  • Scrubber control
  • Effluent monitoring
  • Surface finishing
  • Flocculent coagulation
  • Heavy metal removal and recovery
  • Toxics destruction
  • Sanitization systems
  • Pool & spa control
  • Aquatic animal life support systems




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Easy Removal and Installation Without Needing Sealant

The Background: Our customer makes water treatment skids used to treat wastewater in the food and beverage industry. They seek a reliable means of testing the pH of wastewater while allowing easy access to the electrode for recalibration.

The Problem: All instruments drift over time and must be periodically recalibrated to ensure maximum accuracy. pH electrodes are no different. Unfortunately, installations often fail to provide easy access to the electrodes leaving it up to technicians to disassemble piping to calibrate the electrode and then reassembling when the calibration is complete.

The Solution: We recommended the GF Signet 2751 pH/ORP smart sensor electronics which includes a process seal made via O-rings when used in conjunction with GF Installation fittings. The O-ringsd allow easy access into the housing to calibrate the electrodes without the need to reapply thread sealant.

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