GE Automation RX3i

The GE Automation RX3i is a high performance, modular and scalable control system. This rack-based system is built on PCI standards and provides fast, consistent control between modules. In addition to hundreds of discrete and process I/O points, the PACSystems RX3i features:

  • PACSystems High Availability / Redundancy
  • Proficy Process Systems
  • Integrated PROFINET
  • Easy Machine Edition Programming
  • HART Pass-through

The RX3i offers an easy migration path and replaces the following discontinued Legacy GE Fanuc series: 90-30 (9030), 90-70, RX7i, Series 6, and Series 5.

If you find a GE Fanuc 9030 part number that you are interested in purchasing please see our conversion chart

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GE Automation RX3i PLC
PACSystems PLC for rack based programmable logic and automation control
In Stock
GE Automation RX3i CPL410 Open Source Edge Controller
PACSystems RX3i standalone PLC with open source Linux technology
In Stock
GE Automation RX3i CPE400 PLC
PACSystems RX3i standalone PLC with embedded field agent technology
In Stock
GE Automation Rx3i l/O Modules
Discrete input/output, relay output, analog input/output, mixed analog, temperature control modules available
In Stock
GE Automation Rx3i Base Plates
Universal backplane, 7, 12 or 16 universal slots
In Stock
GE Automation Rx3i Power Supply Modules
Snap in attachment, works with any model PLC, auto-ranging, 120/240 VAC or 24VDC
In Stock
GE Automation Rx3i Network Modules
PROFINET Controller, Ethernet EGD, PROFIBUS-DP, and DeviceNet options available
In Stock
GE Automation Rx3i Serial Communications
Two or four port serial module
In Stock
GE Automation Rx3i Motion Control Modules
Motion control (high speed counting) for a wide range of applications
In Stock
GE Automation Rx3i Expansion Modules
Expansion options for local and remote I/O to optimize configurations
In Stock
GE Automation IC693CBL316 RS-232 Cable
RS-232 cable for RX3i CPE305 programming port and also the Station Manager Cable for the Ethernet ETM001
In Stock
GE Automation IC695ACC400 Energy Pack
CPE305 and CPE310 CPU Battery-less Energy Pack for backing up dynamic data
In Stock
GE Automation IC694TBC032 Terminal Block
High Density 32 Point Terminal Block with a 40 pin Fujitsu connector
GE Automation PACSystems Rx3i Expansion Bases
Expansion bases are available in 5 and 10 slot versions to maximize flexibility
In Stock
GE Automation IC690RBT001 Rechargeable Battery
Rechargeable battery is compatible with IC690CRG001 battery charger
GE Automation IC690ACC001 Real Time Clock Battery
Real Time Clock Battery for CPE305 and CPE310
In Stock
GE Automation IC690ACC901 Mini Converter Kit
Mini-Converter Kit with cable (RS-485/RS-232)
GE Automation IC698ACC701 Lithium Battery Pack
Lithium Battery pack that installs in CPU for CPU310 and CMU310 only (28 days of continuous battery backup)
GE Automation RX3i Cold Junction Compensation Kit
Contains 2 CJCs for universal analog and thermocouple input modules
In Stock
GE Automation IC693ACC302 Battery Pack
External High capacity battery pack. (1.3 years of continuous battery backup)
GE Automation IC693ACC307 Terminator Plug
GE Automation IC690RBK001 Rechargeable Battery Kit
Rechargeable battery kit, Includes battery (IC690RBT001) and battery charger (IC690CRG001)
GE Automation IC693ACC311 I/O Terminal Blocks
Series 90-30 style IC693 I/O modules Terminal Blocks, 20 terminals (qty 6)
GE Automation IC690CRG001 Battery Charger
Battery charger, compatible with rechargeable battery (IC690RBT001)