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  • ConTect™ System protects piston / cylinder
  • Easy pressure range changes
  • Tungsten carbide material
  • Five year re-calibration interval
  • Uncertainty: 0.015% of reading standard; 0.008% available


The DH-Budenberg CPB5000 piston and cylinder system utilizes a unique design which incorporates the patented ConTect™ System. This system protects the piston/cylinder in a housing so that changing ranges does not require any tools or physically touching the piston/cylinder, preventing contamination and providing added insurance against damage due to accidental drops. The ConTect System also includes an O-ring seal and flange that mates to the instrument base allowing fast and easy pressure range changes.

Both the piston and cylinder of the CPB5000 are manufactured from Tungsten Carbide, a material often associated with more expensive deadweight testers. Tungsten Carbide has very small thermal and pressure expansion coefficients compared to other materials, improving overall performance and enhancing long term stability. The result is a recommended re-calibration interval of 5 years. ConTect Systems are available in two accuracy classes, 0.015% of reading is standard while for more demanding applications, 0.008% of reading is available.