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  • Available in psi, bar, kg/cm², kPa, or MPa
  • Trim masses also available
  • Standard gravity of 9.80665 m/s² (contact us for local gravity options)


The DH-Budenberg mass set is manufactured to produce the nominal pressure under standard reference conditions (ambient temperature 20°C, air pressure 29.9213 inHg, relative humidity 40%). Corrections must be applied for measurements taken under other conditions. The masses are manufactured to standard gravity (9.80665 m/s²) although they can be adjusted for any particular location (contact us for details).

The CPM5800 mass set is supplied in a wooden case with a closed cell foam insert. This includes the masses listed in the tables of masses below, made from non-magnetic stainless steel, and optimized for everyday use. For finer increments and for a higher resolution, the standard mass sets can be extended by an optional set of fine increment weights. If even smaller intermediate values need to be generated, use of a trim-mass sets from the accessories is recommended.

The mass sets can be manufactured for the following different pressure units, psi, bar, kg/cm², kPa, or MPa and can be used with the same piston-cylinder system.