Kaye LabWatch LT Monitoring System
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  • Easy, user-configurable setup
  • Full suite of sensing technology for temperature, humidity, pressure, and CO2: expandable to accept any additional analog output sensor
  • Operates in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 Electronic Signatures and Records
  • Automatically provides audit trail history of alarms and actions taken
  • Saves time by avoiding nuisance alarms and protects equipment by providing reliable alarm detection
  • Notifies an unlimited number of people to handle specific alarm conditions
  • Provides a variety of notification methods via phone and email
  • Easy data retrieval for viewing, reporting, analysis, and regulatory inspection; provides tools to review historical data and create reports based on your requirements
  • Provides secure data storage via encryption of database to prevent tampering
  • Runs on reliable, up-to-date Windows platform software

The Kaye LabWatch LT environmental monitoring system is a cost effective solution for automating the monitoring, alarming and reporting on the condition of critical assets. The LabWatch LT provides continuous, real-time status of temperature, humidity, pressure, and CO2 and is expandable to accept any additional analog output sensor. The highly self-configurable system is an effective turnkey solution to ensure regulatory compliance for the environments of laboratories, warehouses, blood banks, clean rooms, tissue banks and all other controlled environments.

The LabWatch LT combines the powerful LabWatch LT software with ValProbe data loggers and base station. Extremely accurate calibrated sensors feed into the wireless data loggers. The loggers communicate data in real time at 1 minute intervals via a robust and reliable 2.4 GHz RF (Radio Frequency) wireless network interconnected via the SmartMesh technology to the LabWatch LT. Built-in redundancies at multiple levels ensure the reliability of the entire system. Up to 10,000 samples can be stored on each logger and can be retrieved in case of a power failure or transmission issues.

Based on user-defined parameters, the LabWatch LT system will monitor and detect system excursions and can alert user-selected personnel wherever they are located. Fully configurable groups can document any number of chambers without generating stacks of paper. The data is protected with secure storage. The system creates an audit trail of alarms and actions taken by the system and system operators, and provides ready access to historical data.

The extensive reporting capabilities of the LabWatch LT system allow users to generate reports in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 as well as other FDA, GMP/GLP, AABB, JCAHO, AAALAC and other regulatory requirements. By maintaining a secure archive of monitored values from your sensors, the system can readily provide the information you need for internal analysis and regulatory required documentation.

The LabWatch LT system is a scalable system that includes up to 100 sensor inputs. Based on each customer's need, the system can be expanded at any point based on application.

Required Components

These additional components are required for the operation of your product. We strongly advise you to purchase these components unless you already own them or own a suitable alternative.

Kaye RF ValProbe Base Station
Gateway base station for Kaye LabWatch LT monitoring system supports up to 100 data loggers
Kaye RF ValProbe Temperature / Humidity Data Logger
Wireless temperature/humidity data logger with optional auxiliary inputs for use with Kaye LabWatch LT environmental monitoring system
Kaye RF ValProbe Temperature Data Logger
Wireless data logger with up to 5 temperature sensors for use with Kaye LabWatch LT environmental monitoring system