Kaye, as part of the Amphenol Advanced Sensors business is a recognized leader in high accuracy thermal process measurement. Primarily focused on the bio-pharmaceutical applications, Kaye technology is relied upon by the worlds leading drug manufacturers to verify critical sterilization processes as required by governing regulatory bodies. read more

Founded in 1959 by Dr. Joseph Kaye of MIT, initial projects focused on advancements in thermocouple measurement accuracy. Early advances led to the introduction of the Universal Temperature Reference (UTR) and Ice Point Reference systems, which remain important technologies to this day. Building upon these early developments, Kaye redirected its energy towards system development and introduced the first integrated digital data logger in 1970. With this, the company's focus shifted from supporting research to serving industrial market needs for high accuracy process measurement.

With over 35,000 systems installed around the world, Kaye has become the standard for validating thermal processes and documenting the results.

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Kaye Intelligent RTD Temperature Standard
Self-contained secondary standard for validating the accuracy of other temperature standards
Kaye Uniform Temperature Reference
Provides cold junction temperature measurement for up to 64 thermocouples with twice the accuracy of conventional models
Kaye RF ValProbe Temperature / Humidity Data Logger
Wireless temperature/humidity data logger with optional auxiliary inputs for use with Kaye LabWatch LT environmental monitoring system
Kaye Ice Point Temperature Reference
Provides zero long term drift maintaining reference temperature at 0°C
Kaye RF ValProbe Temperature Data Logger
Wireless data logger with up to 5 temperature sensors for use with Kaye LabWatch LT environmental monitoring system
Kaye LabWatch LT Monitoring System
A complete environmental monitoring, alarm and reporting system for the protection of critical assets
Kaye RF ValProbe Base Station
Gateway base station for Kaye LabWatch LT monitoring system supports up to 100 data loggers
Kaye UTR Reference Resistors
Precision RTDs monitor the plate temperature of the Kaye UTR