Kaye UTR Reference Resistors
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  • NIST Traceable
  • 4-wire film resistance model (RTD-100) or 4-wire bridge model (RTD-20)
  • Accuracy: ±0.1°C; ±0.05°C per year
  • Furnished with calibration certificate with quadratic fit over temperature range 0 to 60°C

This product is an accessory for the following products:

Kaye Uniform Temperature Reference
Provides cold junction temperature measurement for up to 64 thermocouples with twice the accuracy of conventional models

Kaye UTR Reference Resistors are designed to monitor the plate temperature of the Kaye Uniform Temperature Reference. Available in two configurations, the RTD-20 and RTD-100, these units are NIST traceable and provided with individual quadratic equations which gives temperature as a quadratic function of the unit's output.

The RTD-100 uses a 4-wire film resistance configuration and is designed for continuous vibration environments. It is housed with four screw terminals for excitation and measurement. Excitation is a current of 1mA rms or less.

The RTD-20 is a 4-wire bridge configuration without terminals. Excitation is a voltage of 5 to 24 Volts. Two voltages of less than 100mV are monitored. The diagram to the right shows the monitored points.