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  • Ultra, ultra for flow, and classic performance
  • 4-20 mA HART, Wireless, FOUNDATION fieldbus protocols
  • Gauge, differential or absolute measurements
  • Remote Display and Interface options
  • Ranges up to 4000psi (275 bar)
  • Zero and span adjustment
  • PlantWeb alerts
  • Burst pressure limit: 10,000 psig (689.5 bar)


The Rosemount 3051S Coplanar Pressure Transmitters are the industry leader for Differential, Gauge, and Absolute pressure measurement. The Coplanar Platform allows seamless integration with manifolds, primary elements, and seal solutions.

The 3051S Coplanar Pressure Transmitter series of Instrumentation can optimize your operation in four critical areas: production, quality, energy efficiency, and safety and environment. By leveraging the power of the scalable Rosemount 3051S across your entire operation, you will minimize process variability, gain greater process insight, reduce maintenance and downtime, and meet regulatory demands. What's more, it's easy for your people to use, ensuring you will realize the full potential of your measurement investment.


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Monitoring DP When Drying Natural Gas

The Background: Our customer is a natural gas distributor seeking a low-pressure, differential pressure sensor with at least a 100:1 turn-down ratio.

The Problem: The customer uses an ethylene glycol dryer to remove excess from moisture from the gas before distribution to customers. Because the drying process involves the manipulation of pressures when introducing the drying agents, it is necessary to monitor the pressure differences at various stages of the process. The customer requires a high accuracy sensor with a turn-down ratio of at least 100:1.

The Solution: We recommended the Rosemount 3051S coplanar pressure transmitter with the ULTRA performance class. This solution provides 0.025% of span accuracy and increases the turn down ration to 200:1. It also extends the warranty period to 15 years for the sensor life. With this option, we were able to meet all of the customer’s requirements while providing increased accuracy.