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  • 24-bit ADC conversion
  • Four vibration/position/speed inputs
  • Four temperature inputs
  • Configurable scale factors and full scale ranges
  • Internal OK checking with status
  • Independent Alert and Danger setpoints
  • 200-entry event list
  • Six relay output
  • Relay operation is programmable
  • Buffered outputs for each transducer channel
  • Four configurable 4-20 mA recorder outputs

The Bently Nevada 1900/65A General Purpose Equipment Monitor is designed to continuously monitor and protect equipment that is used in a variety of applications and industries. The monitor's low cost makes it an ideal solution for general-purpose machines and processes that can benefit from continuous monitoring and protection.

The 1900/65A provides four transducer inputs and four temperature inputs. Software can configure each transducer input to support 2- and 3-wire accelerometers, velocity sensors or proximity sensors. Each temperature input supports Type E, J, K, and T thermocouples, and 2- or 3-wire RTDs.

The 1900/65A provides six relay outputs, four 4-20 mA recorder outputs, and a dedicated buffered output. The user can use the 1900 Configuration software to configure the relay contacts to open or close according to the OK, Alert and Danger statuses of any channel or combination of channels, and to provide data from any variable from any channel on any recorder output. The dedicated buffer output can provide the signal for each transducer input.

A Modbus® Gateway option allows the monitor to provide static variables, statuses, event list, time and date information directly to any Modbus client, including Distributed Control Systems (DCSs), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), or System 1® software. The monitor uses an internal counter and a Modbus client/master time reference to generate time and date information. Users can upgrade monitors without the Modbus Gateway by ordering the 1900/01 Communications Upgrade (see the Ordering Information section). The 1900/65A supports Modbus communications via Ethernet and a software-configurable RS232/485 serial port.

The user defines monitor operation and the Modbus Gateway register map by using software running on a laptop or PC to create a configuration file and download the file to the monitor through the built-in Ethernet connection. The 1900/65A permanently stores configuration information in non-volatile memory, and can upload this information to the PC for changes.

The 1900/65A supports an optional display/keypad to view channel information or make minor configuration changes. This allows the 1900/65A to operate as a stand-alone package. If desired, the user can mount the display up to 75 metres (250 feet) from the Monitor Module.

Bently Nevada Technical Training
Training and consulting for applications involving all facets of power generation, mechanical drives, and petro-chemical industries
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Bently Nevada 190501 CT Velomitor Velocity Transducer
Measures casing vibration velocity on cooling tower and air-cooled heat-exchanger fan assemblies
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Bently Nevada 200152 Standard Cable
Accelerometer interface standard cable, connector on accelerometer end only
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Bently Nevada 20015x Series Accelerometers
General purpose, wide frequency, case-mounted seismic transducers, hermetically sealed, stainless steel case
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Bently Nevada 200350 / 200355 Accelerometers
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Bently Nevada 31000 / 32000 Proximity Probe Housings
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Bently Nevada 3300 XL Extension Cable
Extension cables for the 3300 XL Transducer system, lengths from 3m up to 8.5m
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Bently Nevada 3300 XL Proximity Probe
8mm probe, polyphenylene sulfide probe tip material, part of the 3300 XL Proximity Transducer System
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Bently Nevada 330180 Proximity Sensor
Part of the 3300 XL Transducer System, highly immune to radio frequency interference
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Bently Nevada 330400 / 330425 Accelerometer
Designed for critical machinery applications where casing acceleration measurements are required
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Bently Nevada 330500 Velomitor
Measures absolute (relative to free space) bearing housing, casing, or structural vibration
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Bently Nevada 330500 Cables
2-conductor, shielded 18 or 22 AWG, armored cable option available
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Bently Nevada 330525 Velomitor XA
316L stainless steel case, weatherproof connector and cable assembly permit mounting without a housing
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Bently Nevada 330750 / 330752 Velomitor
5.7mV/mm/s (145mV/in/s) ±5% sensitivity, sensing head can be mounted on surfaces with temps as high as (752°F)
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Bently Nevada 3300 5mm Proximity Probe
5mm probe, polyphenylene sulfide probe tip material
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