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  • 5.7 mV/mm/s (145 mV/in/s)±5% sensitivity
  • Frequency response:
    • 15 to 2000Hz (900 to 120,000cpm) ±3.0dB
    • 20 to 1000Hz (1,200 to 60,000cpm) ±0.9dB
  • 300 series stainless steel case material
  • 305m (1000ft) max cable
  • 2-pin Mil-C-5015 connector


The Bently Nevada 330750 / 330752 Velomitor design segregates the sensing element from the signal conditioning electronics, with the two permanently connected via a hardline cable. Current versions of these sensors allow the sensing head to be mounted on surfaces with temperatures as high as 752°F (400°C). Due to the segregated design, the signal conditioning electronics can be installed in a cooler location. This achieves overall transducer system performance comparable to other Velomitor transducers, but permits use at significantly higher temperatures. By eliminating connections between the sensing head and its associated signal conditioning electronics, a significant source of potential transducer failures (connector problems) is eliminated.