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  • Polyphenylene sulfide probe tip material
  • Imperial or metric measurements available
  • AISI 304 SST probe case material
  • Fluoroethylene propylene (FEP) insulated probe cable
  • -60 to 351°F (-51 to 177°C) operating temp


The Bently Nevada 3300 XL 11 proximity probe delivers the most advanced performance in the eddy current proximity transducer systems. All 3300 XL 11mm proximity transducer systems support complete interchangeability of probes, extension cables, and proximitor sensors, eliminating the need to match or bench calibrate individual components.

The 3300 XL 11mm proximity transducer system has a 3.94 V/mm (100 mV/mil) output for non-contacting vibration and displacement measurements on fluid film bearing machines. The large 11mm tip enables this transducer system to have a longer linear range compared to the standard 3300 XL 8mm transducer system. It is primarily used in applications where the longer linear range is necessary, such as axial (thrust) position measurements, ramp differential expansion measurements on steam turbines, rod position or rod drop measurements on reciprocating compressors, tachometer and zero speed measurements, and phase reference (Keyphasor) signals.

The 3300 XL 11mm proximitor sensor's thin design allows it to be mounted in either a high-density DIN-rail installation or a more traditional panel mount configuration. Improved RFI/EMI immunity allows the sensor to achieve European CE mark approvals without any special mounting considerations. This RFI immunity also prevents the transducer system from being adversely affected by nearby high frequency radio signals. SpringLoc terminal strips on the proximitor sensor require no special installation tools and facilitate faster, highly robust field wiring connections.

The 3300 XL 11mm probe comes in varying probe case configurations. All components of the transducer system have gold-plated brass ClickLoc connectors. ClickLoc connectors lock into place, preventing the connection from becoming loose. The patented TipLoc molding method provides a robust bond between the probe tip and the probe body. The probe cable is securely attached to the probe tip utilizing the patented CableLoc design that provides 330 N (75lb) pull strength.

3300 XL Probes and Extension Cables can also be ordered with a FluidLoc cable option. This option prevents oil and other liquids from leaking out of the machine through the cable's interior. The connector protector option provides additional protection of the connectors in a humid or moist environment. Connector protectors are recommended for all installations and provide increased environmental protection. Additionally, the 3300 XL 11mm probe comes standard with a locknut with predrilled safety wire holes.