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  • 3.94mV/mm/s (100 mV/in/s) ±5% sensitivity
  • Frequency response:
    • 4.5Hz to 5kHz (270cpm to 300kcpm) ±3.0dB
    • 6.0Hz to 2.5kHz (360cpm to 150kcpm) ±0.9dB
  • 1270 mm/s (50 in/s) peak velocity
  • 305m (1,000ft) max cable length
  • -67 to 250°F (-55 to 121°C) operating temp range
  • 316L stainless steel case material
  • 2-pin Mil-C-5015 connector


The Bently Nevada 330500 Velomitor measures absolute (relative to free space) bearing housing, casing, or structural vibration. Unlike moving-coil velocity transducers, such as the Bently Nevada Seismoprobe family of velocity transducers, Velomitor Piezo-velocity sensors are specialized piezoelectric accelerometers that incorporate embedded integrated electronics in a solid-state design. Because they incorporate solid-state electronics and have no moving parts, they do not suffer from mechanical degradation and wear, and can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or at any other angle of orientation.

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