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  • Auto current reversal cancels standing emfs
  • Protected to 600V
  • Multiple operating modes including fully automatic
  • Alpha-numeric keypad for entering test notes
    • DLRO-10X only
  • Printer output and memory option

What's in the Box

  • 7Ah NiMH battery module
  • Battery charger
  • Car charging adapter (cigar lighter)
  • 2 DH4 Duplex handspikes
  • User guide
  • Warranty book

The Megger DLRO series micro-ohmmeters are fully automatic instruments, selecting the most suitable test current up to 10A d.c. to measure resistance from 0.1 μΩ to 2000 Ω, on one of seven ranges.

For users who desire more control over the measurement process, DLRO-10X uses a menu system controlled by a two-axis paddle to allow the user to manually select the maximum test current. DLRO-10X also adds real time download of results and on board storage for later download to a PC.

Both instruments are built into a strong, lightweight case that is equally at home in the field or in the laboratory. Light enough to be worn around the neck, they are small enough to be taken into areas that were previously too small to access. DLRO-10 uses a large, bright 4 1/2 -digit LED display while DLRO-10X has a large, backlit LCD display. Normally, measurements are made with forward and reverse currents to cancel the effects of any standing voltages across the test sample.

The average value is then displayed within 3 seconds, to a basic accuracy of 0.2%. DLRO-10X displays both forward and reverse measurements as well as the average of the two. DLRO-10X allows the user to set high and low pass limits, thereby enabling simple go-no-go testing. At the end of a test DLRO-10X will store the test results, as well as any notes relevant to the test.

To assist operator safety and ease of use, both instruments are supplied complete with a pair of duplex handspikes with 1.2 m (4 ft) leads. One of the probes is fitted with LED's, which duplicate indicators on the instrument display indicating that all four contacts have been made, the presence of a high voltage across the load, and the presence of current flow while a load is discharging. Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries power the instruments. Typical applications include, but are not limited to, making d.c. resistance measurements of:

Applications for the Megger DLRO-10 / DLRO-10X:

  • Switch and contact breaker resistance
  • Busbar and cable joints
  • Aircraft frame bonds and static control circuits
  • Integrity of welded joints
  • Inter-cell connections on battery systems up to 600 V peak
  • Quality control of resistive components
  • Transformer and motor winding resistance
  • Rail and pipe bonds
  • Metal alloys, welds and fuse resistance
  • Graphite electrodes and other composites
  • Wire and cable resistance
  • Transmitter aerial and lightning conductor bonding

Test Leads

Megger 242011 Test Lead Set
Helical spring point leads, Spacing between P and C 0.4in, Max test current 10A
Megger 242009 Test Lead Set
10A, 18ft duplex test leads & helical hand spikes with spring points & push button switch on the probe to initiate reading
Megger 242002 Test Lead Set
Spacing between P and C probe tips 0.35in, Max test current 10A
Megger Replaceable Needle Points
Max test current, 7ft in length
Megger 242004 Test Lead Set
Clamp capacity 2in, Max test current 10Aanvil insulated from the clamp
Megger 242006 Test Lead Set
Kelvin clips 1.5in (4cm), Max test current 10A
Megger 241005 / 242005 Test Lead Set
Kelvin clips 0.5in (1.3cm), gold plate or silver plate options, 7ft of cable
Megger DH5 Duplex Hand Spikes
Two straight duplex handspikes with spring loaded tips and 8ft (2.5m) cables
Megger KC Series Test Leads
Wind turbine lightning protection test lead set rated to 10A with metal framed cable reel


Megger 6380-138 Carrying Case
Soft, padded carrying case for Megger DLRO10 and all standard accessories


Please consider these optional accessories.

Megger 242041 Test Lead Set
Current test lead terminal clips, Max test current 10A
Megger 242021 Test Lead Set
Potential test lead hand spikes
Megger 18313 Carrying Case
Carrying case for DLRO Leads
Megger 35884 Needlepoint Hand Spike Tip
One replacement tip for DH4, DH5, and DH6 hand spikes for Megger DLRO models & BT51 Milliohmmeter
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Megger 35885 Serrated Hand Spike Tip
One replacement tip for DH4, DH5, and DH6 hand spikes
Call for pricing
Megger DLRO10LPU Mains power attachment
Line power unit to replace the battery for DLRO10 series, fits US sockets
Megger 25955-025 Serial PC Download Lead
Megger 6280-333 Universal Battery Charger
115-230VAC, 50 or 60Hz, battery charger for DLRO10 & DLRO10X micro-ohmmeters
Megger 6121-492 Spare Battery
7Ah NiMH rechargable battery pack for the BITE3 battery impedance tester & DLRO series micro-ohmmeters
Megger 242104-2 Test Leads
Duplex lead set with 100A max test current and heavy-duty c-clamps
Megger Calibration Shunts
Field testing shunt for use with BITE2/2P, BITE3, and DLRO 10/10X/10HD/10HDX
Megger DLRO Interchangeable Connector Lead Set
Test lead system with the option for interchangeable terminations to allow ends to be changed instead of switching entire lead set
Megger Duplex Probes With Interchangeable Terminations
Single probe for use with Megger DLRO & BT51 interchangeable connector lead set
Megger Interchangeable Duplex Test Leads
Single lead for use with Megger DLRO & BT51 interchangeable connector lead set
Megger DH1-C Duplex Handspike
DH1-C 3m Connect Duplex Handspike (x2) Complete Duplex Lead Set


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