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The Megger duplex probes with interchangeable terminations operate with the Megger DLRO duplex interchangeable connector lead set and interchangeable duplex test leads to create an adaptable test lead system. Each termination is designed to fit any duplex connect test lead and swap out easily as needed.

The KC1-C heavy duty general purpose Kelvin clip has a maximum current rating of 10A. The KC2-C insulated Kelvin clip has a maximum current rating of 20A. It has a large adjustable jaw opening, and is fully insulated and touch proof for applications where a high safety rating is required.

The DP1-C duplex handspike is ideal for applications involving a non-coated or corroded surface. It's probe tips have hardened needle points and are sprung to provide 2.87lbs of force. The DTP1-C duplex twist probe has sprung twisting tips and provides 5.3lbs of sprung force and is ideal for cutting through surface coatings or corrosion.

The CP1-C extra long concentric duplex handspike provides 2.87lbs of force for use with non-coated or corroded surfaces. It is 4.3 inches from finger guard to tip and small in diameter in order to reach deeply recessed terminal screws. All duplex handspike terminations have a maximum current rating of 10A.