• KS1104-000
  • Usually ships in 1-2 weeks



  • Connect Chino recorders to PC via RS485 and/or Ethernet communications
  • Connect and log data, up to 31 RS485 Modbus addresses, 100 Ethernet addresses or a total of 100 of a RS485/Ethernet mix
  • Display data in the form of trends, tables, reports
  • Daily reports include minimum values, maximum values and average values for each logged input
  • Acquired data can be converted to CSV format or text format


CHINO KIDS data acquisition software is a software package designed for storing and recalling the measured data of CHINO AL4000 and AH4000 series hybrid recorders.

KIDS software can manage up to 100 channels and provides real-time data, real-time trends, historical data, historical trends, and daily reports. The software supports alarm functions and display. Up to 4 levels of alarm are programmable for each channel.

KIDS software is compatible with Windows and interfaces with RS232C, RS422A, RS485, or Ethernet communications. With KIDS software, data can be exported to Microsoft Excel and other application software.