• Measuring Points
    • Pen-writing: 1, 2, 3 or 4-pen models
    • Dot-printing: 6, 12, 24 point models
  • Universal Inputs
    • Thermocouples
    • Resistance thermometers
    • DC Voltage / current (via shunt resistor)
  • Accuracy: ±0.1% of measuring range ±1 digit
  • Measuring Cycle
    • Pen-writing: 100 ms
    • Dot-printing: 5 s/ 6 point, 10 s/ 12 point, 20 s/ 24 point
    • Dot-printing (optional): 1 s/ 6 point, 2 s/ 12 point, 4 s/ 24 point
  • Conforms to CE, UL and CSA
  • Waterproof / dust-proof (IP54) Front panel


The CHINO AH3000 Series 180 mm hybrid recorders are available in two models, dot-printing or pen-type. The AH3000 recorders conform to CE-marking, UL and CSA standards and feature simultaneous display of multi-channel data, alarm display/printings and many other great features.

The CHINO AH3000 Series 180 mm hybrid recorders are universal input recorders and accept a total of 56 ranges of 10 DC voltage ranges, 35 thermocouple ranges and 11 resistance thermometer ranges. These ranges can be programmed for each channel. The data acquisition software package "KIDS" is available for data processing by a personal computer. The engineering software "PASS" is available and allows for programming parameters by using an engineering port. The CHINO AH3000 Series hybrid recorders can be configured with an optional communications interface which supports the following protocols: Ethernet, RS-232C, RS-422A or RS-485 with MODBUS protocol.

CHINO AH3000 180 mm pen-type hybrid recorder

The CHINO AH3000 180 mm pen-type hybrid recorder features simultaneous 5-digit digital display and analog bargraphs for full scale of 4 channels which allow measured data to be viewed at a glance. The pen-type recorder has many helpful functions built-in. The pen-lift function ensures pens are automatically lifted when the printing is off. The built-in pen offset correction feature ensures the time gap on a chart paper is corrected by adjusting the mechanical position difference between each pen.

CHINO AH3000 180 mm dot-printing type hybrid recorder

The CHINO AH3000 180 mm multi-point type hybrid recorder features simultaneous digital display of 6 points allowing measured data to be viewed at a glance. For clear trend and digital printings, a cassette type wire-dotting system with a 6-color ink ribbon is used. The standard printing interval is approximately 5 seconds per point and a printing interval of approximately 1 second per point is also available.