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  • Input types:
    • DC voltage / current (via external shunt)
    • Thermocouple
    • Resistance thermometer
  • ±0.1% ±1 digit accuracy
  • LCD bar graph 100mm
  • 1 second / 6 points measuring interval
  • 1-year warranty
  • CE marking, UL and CSA
  • Protection: IEC 60529 IP54
This is the recommended replacement for the CHINO AL3000 Series Strip Chart Recorder.


The CHINO AL4000 series hybrid strip chart recorders are multi-point recorders that feature a simultaneous display, digital display, and bar graph display. Measuring and recording settings are controlled by an easy to use front key pad. The AL4000 handles inputs of DC voltage/current (via external shunt), thermocouples, and RTDs.

Additional features:

  • USB port connects directly to your PC
  • RS232C, RS422A, RS485, and Ethernet communication interface options
  • Chart end detection function
  • Standard alarm/printing function
  • SD card (sold separately) can record data, read and write setting value


Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Hybrid Recorders for Both Hard and Electronic Copies of Data

The Background: Our customer is a bearing manufacturer in the midst of updating some of their data recorders. Because their product, bearings, are so precise, they require extensive quality control documentation for their own use as well as to satisfy their customer’s own need for documentation.

The Problem: Until now, they have been using both a strip chart recorder to create a lasting paper trail of measurements, as well as a separate data logger to create a duplicate record that is easier to transmit electronically to their customers or to create reports. Though this system works for them, having two separate pieces of equipment requires extra cost and creates a steeper learning curve for technicians. It is also not an elegant installation.

The Solution: We recommended the Chino AL4000 hybrid strip chart recorder which satisfies both needs. It records on paper as well as electronically on an SD card. The hard copy provides a permanent reference while the electronic data can be easily sent or incorporated into reports.

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