• 10 or 100A AC/DC nominal current range
  • Continuous current range
    • 0.1 to 10A AC/DC (100mV/A output)
    • 1 to 100A AC/DC (10mV/A output)
  • ±3% of reading +50mA (100mV/A, 50mA to 10A)
    • ±4% of reading +50mA (10mV/A, 50mA to 40A)
    • ±12% of reading +50mA (40 to 80A)
    • ±15% of reading (80 to 100A)
  • Maximum non-destructive current of 140A (2kHz)
  • Lowest measurable current of 0.1A
  • 100kHz useable frequency
  • CAT II 600V & CAT III 300V
  • 1-year warranty


The Fluke 80i-110s is compatible with any Fluke ScopeMeter test tool, power harmonics analyzer, oscilloscope, multimeter, or other voltage measurement device that has the following features: BNC input connectors or if using a meter convert the banana plugs to a BNC connector using the adapter PM9081/001.