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  • TK730



  • Save $83 over individual component prices
  • CAT III-600V
  • CE/UL certified
  • 800A true RMS
  • 4000 count display
  • ±3% AC current accuracy
  • IR Thermometer range -58ºF to 1000ºF; D:S = 8:1
  • Soft case dimensions 9.5"x6.8"x2.8"
  • Weight 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg)


The Extech TK730 professional clamp meter test kit is a four piece test kit especially designed for professionals who service and install electrical/HVAC equipment.

The Extech TK730 professional clamp meter test kit features four Extech instruments for testing and troubleshooting. Included in this test kit are:

Extech EX730 True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter:

  • 800A true RMS AC/DC clamp-on meter
  • 0.1 A resolution and ±3% AC current accuracy
  • Type K thermocouple temperature probe
  • Double molded test leads

Extech 42510 Mini IR Thermometer:

  • Wide range, from -58ºF to 1000ºF
  • Built in laser pointer
  • 8:1 distance to target ratio

Extech 480172 Line Splitter:

  • Enables use of clamp meter to measure current on 2 or 3 wire cord
  • Features voltage check function

Extech DV20 Non-Contact Voltage Detector:

  • Non-contact voltage detector
  • Detects AC voltage to 600VAC