The Telaire product line boasts over 30 patents related to the design and application of low-cost infrared gas sensing. Telaire’s designs have received numerous awards and have been featured in national publications. Utilize Telaire’s experience, research and development prowess, and high-volume manufacturing capability to deliver an affordable sensing solution in a timely manner.

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Telaire T8000-R Series CO2 Monitor
Low cost, high performing CO2 transmitter with relay for the building controls and indoor growers markets
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Telaire T7000 Series CO2 Monitors
Handheld indoor air quality testing for carbon dioxide, temperature and ventilation rates
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Telaire Ventostat Series CO2 Monitor
Commercial grade Carbon dioxide detectors for ventilation control and air quality applications
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Telaire Humitrac Humidity Transmitter
Relative humidity transmitter with optional temperature measurement
Telaire T5100 CO2 Transmitter
Low-cost, wall mount CO2 transmitter for demand-controlled ventilation applications
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Telaire EHRH Humidity Transmitter
Waterproof relative humidity and temperature transmitter, ideally suited for high RH and harsh environment applications
Telaire Humitrac XR Dew Point Transmitter
Rugged, compact dew point, wet bulb or enthalpy transmitter designed for the building automation/HVAC market
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Telaire T3000 Series CO2 Sensor
Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology offering ranges up to 20,000 ppm with a 10 year life span
Telaire T8700 / T8700-D Humidity and Temperature Transmitters
Precision humidity and temperature transmitter for HVAC control applications
Telaire Ventostat T8041 CO2 Transmitter
Duct mount carbon dioxide sensor and transmitter
Telaire RH / RHT Series Humidity Transmitters
Relative humidity and temperature transmitters with space, duct, or outside air mounting options
Telaire Ventostat T8100NS / T8100NSP CO2 Sensor
Commercial grade CO2 sensor with night setback override and optional slide potentiometer
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Telaire T5100-LED CO2 Transmitter
Low-cost, wall mount CO2 transmitter with color LEDs to indicate CO2 levels
Telaire Model T1508 Aspiration Box
Lightweight, Durable Duct Mount Enclosure for CO2 Sensors
Telaire Model T1551 Enclosure
Weatherproof enclosure with internal heater for Telaire 8000 Series CO2 Sensors
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Telaire T2072 UIP8000 Software
User interface program for the Ventostat 5000 and 8000 Series CO2 sensors
Telaire Ventostat T2090 UIP software
Software allows you modify the standard settings on the Telaire T5100 and T8100 series
Telaire Model T1505 Enclosure
Waterproof Enclosure for Telaire 8000 Series CO2 Sensors
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Telaire Sensor Tip
Replaceable sensor tip for Humitrac XR Dew Point Transmitter
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Telaire T2077 Hobo Data Logging Kit
To be used with the T7001 and T7001i carbon dioxide (CO2) and temperature monitors
Telaire T2080 CO2 View for 7001 and 7001D
Graphing software for logging carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations directly to a PC
Telaire T2070 Cable
Cable for the T7001
Telaire Cover for EHRH Transmitters
Stainless Steel Cover for EHRH/EHRHT Transmitters