Telaire T5100 CO2 Transmitter
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  • Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor
  • Measurement Range: 0 to 2000 ppm
  • Accuracy:
    • 400 to 1250 ppm: ±40 ppm + 3% of reading
    • 1250 to 2000 ppm: ±5% of reading + 30ppm
  • Gold-plated optics
  • Patented ABC Logic self-calibration algorithm
  • Output: 0-10V (default)/0-5V (jumper selectable) or 4-20 mA
  • Mounting plate with two-piece terminal blocks provide quick, easy wiring
  • Gas permeable, water resistant filter prevents particulate and water contamination of the sensor
  • UIP software compatible for customizations
  • CE, RoHS, REACH and WEEE compliant
  • Lifetime calibration warranty

The Telaire T5100 series is a low cost, high performing CO2 transmitter for the building controls market. The T5100 works seamlessly with building automation systems, and allows you to simply and effectively control fresh air into a ventilated to regulated standards, providing immediate energy savings.

Ventilation is an important part of maintaining a comfortable, healthy, productive environment for people. Improper ventilation can have a negative impact on occupant health and performance and/or waste energy. Demand-controlled ventilation using CO2 sensors prevents energy losses from over-ventilation while maintaining indoor air quality. The most energy savings potential is in buildings where occupancy fluctuates during a 24-hour period. Numerous organizations now require and/or recommend CO2 -based ventilation control in different commercial HVAC applications. The wall mounted Telaire T5100 series are used to control a specific area such as a conference room, classroom, meeting hall, etc. They are easy to install and have a clean, modern look that suits most indoor environments.

Telaire T5100 sensors employ the patented ABC (Automatic Background Calibration) Logic self-calibration system. ABC Logic virtually eliminates the need for manual calibration in applications where the indoor CO2 level drops to outside levels during unoccupied periods (e.g. during evening hours). ABC Logic is a special software routine in the sensor that remembers the background readings for 14 consecutive evenings, calculates if there is a sensor drift, and then corrects for it.


Telaire Ventostat T2090 UIP software
Software allows you modify the standard settings on the Telaire T5100 and T8100 series


Please consider these optional accessories.

Telaire Model T1508 Aspiration Box
Lightweight, Durable Duct Mount Enclosure for CO2 Sensors
Telaire Model T1505 Enclosure
Waterproof Enclosure for Telaire 8000 Series CO2 Sensors
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