Intempco LTX20 Fuel & Oil Level Transmitter
Capacitance level transmitter designed for fuel & oil level applications
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Intempco LTX01 General Capacitance Level Transmitter
General capacitance level transmitter, continuous loop powered 4-20 mA operation, microprocessor Based
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Intempco MIST03
Temperature Sensor with Programmable 4-20mA Output
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Intempco DTG03 Digital Temperature Gauge
Digital temperature gauge with 4-20mA output
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Intempco LTX40 Flexible Capacitance Level Transmitter
Flexible capacitance level transmitter designed to measure liquids in high metallic tanks or vessels with limited top side access
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Intempco LTX05 Capacitance Level Transmitter
OEM capacitance level transmitter for water-based liquids
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Intempco LTX02 Capacitance Level Transmitter
Capacitance level transmitter, heavy duty concentric tube type design, continuous loop powered 4-20mA operation
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Intempco LTX15 Dual Probe Level Transmitter
Dual probe capacitance level transmitter designed for continuous level measurement of liquids in conductive or non conductive reservoirs
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Intempco LTX03 Level Transmitter
Explosion-proof capacitance level transmitter with LCD display
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Intempco LLS100 Conductivity Level Switch
Liquid level limit detection in metallic and non-metallic tanks containing electrically conductive liquids
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Intempco LSA01 Capacitance Level Switch
Capacitance level switch single point detection
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Intempco DTG53 / DTG54 Digital Temperature Gauge
Factory calibrated for maximum accuracy, adjustable compression fitting or fixed welded fitting, large 4-digit LCD display
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Intempco Model LTX50 Level Transmitter
Miniature capacitance level transmitter w/4-20mA output, Remote DIN rail mounted transmitter, up to 1000ft away
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Intempco Model LTX60 Level Transmitter
Miniature capacitance level transmitter 4-20mA, loop powered, hermetically sealed, vibration resistant construction
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Intempco MIST PKIT Programming Module and Software
Programming Module and Software for Re-Calibrating and Re-Scaling Intempco MIST Temperature Sensors
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