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  • Hermetically sealed transducer within the sensor
  • Field re-programmable with interface module and software
  • RTD sensor input
  • 4-20mA linearized signal output
  • Low cost and easy installation
  • Connection head not required
  • Compact size


The Intempco MIST03 Temperature Sensor is an RTD with a built-in, programmable transducer. Simply constructed, the MIST03 can replace most commonly used temperature sensors in a variety of applications. Based on Intempco's patented MIST technology, the MIST03 is designed for optimum accuracy and performance. The MIST03 has a built-in programmable transducer that can be re-scaled and re-calibrated using the optional interface module and software.

The Intempco MIST03's programmable transducer with 4-20mA output is hermetically sealed in a stainless steel housing only 2" long. It is then assembled using a thin film Pt100 RTD element. Standard wire leads available are PVC, Teflon, Teflon with armor and Teflon with a stainless steel overbraid. An optional stainless steel compression fitting is available in a variety of sizes. Compression fittings are one-time adjustable.

The sensor does not require a separate transducer housing, therefore, the MIST03 can be easily installed by connecting the two lead wires to the user's control or monitoring system. This feature greatly reduces installation costs. The MIST03 is also more compact than conventional RTD units, this allows for easy usage in environments where space is limited or access is difficult.

The Intempco MIST03 arrives factory scaled and calibrated to the customer's specified temperature range. No costly field calibration is required. If the application changes, the MIST03 can be re-scaled at any range within the sensor limits while maintaining its accuracy. No re-calibration requiring costly temperature baths is necessary. Reprogramming is done with the optional interface module and software.


  • General purpose and industrial applications
  • OEM applications
  • Limited space applications
  • Areas prone to moisture and vibration