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  • For fuel oil tanks
  • Compact 3/4 " NPT concentric tube design
  • Accuracy 1% of span for constant dielectric of material
  • Tube and inner probe SS316
  • For use with metalic and non-metalic tanks
  • OEM applications, low cost
  • Continous loop powered 4-20mA operation
  • Non-interactive zero and span calibration
  • 12 to 36 VDC supply voltage


The Intempco LTX20 series fuel capacitance level transmitter is designed to measure level of fuels and oils in metalic and non-metalic tanks. The probe measures level by ­measuring the change in capacitance as level changes in the tank. The ­micro- processor based electronics ­converts this capacitance change into a linear, highly accurate 4-20 mA signal.

The LTX20 includes a standard 4 - 20mA loop powered LTX transmitter, a concentric 0.75 -inch diameter concentric shield with 0.188 - rigid sensor for ranges up to 10 feet. Probe material is SS316. The LTX20 is designed for tanks which have fitting connections of 3/ 4 " NPT or larger and in applications where the liquid is relatively clean or non-clogging.

An excellent application for the LTX20 are stationary or mobile generators. This level sensor is shock resistant and very rugged. There are no moving parts. To isolate for ground loops, a non-conductive reducer ( such as PVC ) can be used between the tank and the 3/4" NPT fitting of the LTX20.

Applications/Process Notes

  • Diesel fuels
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Vegetable oils
  • Chemical holding tanks
  • MEK and other solvants
  • Many other, non-conductive liquids

Do not use with:

  • Water and other conductive liquids
  • Conductive acids
  • Materials corrosive to SS316