Proximity Controls was started in 1965 out of a garage in Fergus Falls, MN. The first product line was the Ultra-Mag Series of diaphragm level controls. The Ultra-Mag offers a unique and patented magnetic drive that seals the switch compartment. read more

Building on their experience with magnetic drives, Proximity expanded into position indicators in 1977 with the invention of the Mark Series. Like the Ultra-Mag, the Mark Series offers a patented magnetic drive that completely seals the switch compartment.

Proximity Controls was acquired in 1989 by Dwyer Instruments of Michigan City, IN. Proximity Controls is still operated out of Fergus Falls today. Dwyer continues the innovative spirit of Proximity Controls by continually developing new products.

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Proximity PLS Level Switch
Economical top or side mounted rotary paddle level control for dry bulk materials
Proximity CTF Level Switch
Compact, cost effective mini tuning fork level switch requires no maintenance
Proximity PLS2 Level Switch
Electromechanical level switch designed for level monitoring of bulk materials
Proximity FCLS Level Switch
Features no probe design for installation where space is constrained or where material flow or build-up would damage a probe
Proximity VRLS Level Switch
Vibrating rod level switch is an economical choice for the level detection of powders and bulk solids
Proximity TFLS2 Level Switch
Compact, cost effective tuning fork level switch or level control of powders
Proximity R Series Regulators
Economical and high performance pressure regulation for air applications
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Proximity AFR2 Air Filter Regulator
Provides clean and accurate air pressure to instruments, valves and other automatic control equipment
Proximity VB Series Volume Boosters
A one to one signal to output relay and an ideal solution to increasing valve stroke speed
Proximity PLS Paddles
Paddles for use with the Proximity PLS level switch
Proximity PLS Mounting Flange
Mounting flange for Proximity PLS Series level switches
Proximity PLS2 Shaft Extension
Shaft extension for Proximity PLS2 level switches
Proximity PLS2 Paddles
Single or double sided spring paddles for Proximity PLS2 level switches