Mercoid was established in 1916 and is now a division of Dwyer Instruments, Inc. Mercoid Controls produces a broad range of pressure, temperature, and level controls for use in heavy industrial, petrochemical, and electrical utility plants.

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Mercoid SBLT2 and SBLTX Level Transmitters
Submersible level transmitters with proven piezoresistive sensing technology and optional hazardous area approvals
Mercoid MPC Jr Level Controller
Versatile level control with programmable level differential for on/off control of one or two pumps, valves, or other devices through two SPDT relays
Mercoid ULT Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
Reliable, accurate, non-contact measurement of liquid levels with no moving parts to wear, jam, corrode, or get coated
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Mercoid PBLT2 Level Transmitter
Lightning protected submersible transmitter is ideal for level measurements of sludge and slurries
Mercoid 3200G Pressure Transmitter
High-performance, explosion-proof pressure transmitter with push button configuration and HART® Communication
Mercoid 3100 Differential Pressure Transmitter
Explosion-proof differential pressure transmitter with optional multiplanar design for simplified installation
Mercoid MPC Level Controller
Compatible with almost any style level transmitter providing versatile level control
Mercoid MBLT Level Transmitter
Miniature submersible level transmitters ideal for level monitoring in well and borehole applications
Mercoid FBLT Level Transmitter
Designed with a flush diaphragm tip that will not clog in harsh applications such as sewage lift stations.
Mercoid A-900 and A-901 Weatherproof Enclosures
NEMA 4X enclosure with a fully gasketed cover protects controllers from dirt, dust, oil and water