ABB offers a complete line of chart recorders, digital indicators, process recorders, and process control products. All of ABB's recorders and controllers share the same high standards of reliability and flexibility as well as the ability to withstand the harshest of process environments. ABB recorders include specifically-designed control solution variants for industries such as food, chemical, and heat treatment. read more

ABB strives to provide customers with products and solutions for instrumentation, automation, and optimization of industrial processes. Key customer benefits include improved asset productivity and energy savings.

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ABB ScreenMaster 500F Videographic Recorder
Universal mounting capability with 8 software recording channels & ethernet connectivity for remote access
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ABB RVG200 ScreenMaster Videographic Recorder
Paperless recorder with up to 24 process signals & automatic data collection via Ethernet connectivity
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ABB C1900RC Circular Chart Recorder & Controller
Fully programmable 10 inch circular chart recorder & controller combines two PID control loops with 4-pen recording
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ABB C1300 Advanced Circular Chart Recorder
Advanced 10 inch chart recorder with up to 4 universal inputs & options for compact flash card data logging
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ABB C1900R Circular Chart Recorder
Fully programmable 10 inch circular chart recorder for up to 4 process signals
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ABB C1901 Circular Chart Recorder
10 inch recorder for all single channel recording applications with universal process input
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ABB DataManager Pro Software
An advanced process data management and analysis application to store & review data archived by ScreenMaster paperless recorders
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