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  • Custom Order - NON-RETURNABLE
  • Standard I/O with each pen includes
    • Universal input (thermocouple, RTD, mA, V, mV)
    • 2-wire transmitter power supply
    • 1 relay output & 1 analog output
    • 2 digital inputs
  • 10 inch circular charts
  • Up to 16 process alarms
  • 8 logic equations
  • Optional Features:
    • Up to 8 Additional Relays
    • Up To 16 Digital Inputs
    • Up To 16 Digital Outputs
    • RS485 Modbus
    • Data logging
    • 9-Digit totalizers, math & timers

What's in the Box

  • Chart recorder
  • Set of pens
  • 10 sheets of 0-100, 24-hour paper
  • Wall mounting kit


The ABB C1300 advanced circular chart recorder is a programmable circular chart recorder for up to four process signals. It combines traditional circular chart values with data logging technology from ABB's SM Series videographic recorders to create a labor-saving recording solution. With many features supplied as standard and a powerful range of options, the ABB C1300 is a truly flexible unit that can adapt to match your process requirements.

The ABB C1300 incorporates up to two graphical display panels to keep the operator informed of process status. Each panel is capable of displaying up to eight lines of descriptive text to simplify both configuration and operation of the recorder. The display technology used increases visibility in high ambient light conditions. An LCD panel display ensures instrument operation and configuration is as easy as possible.

The clearly labeled tactile keypad of the ABB C1300 circular chart recorders give direct access for operator adjustments and configuration, without the need to open the recorder's door. Clear text prompts on the digital displays guide the user through the various menus. A password-protected security system prevents unauthorized access to configuration adjustment menus.