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  • Custom Order - NON-RETURNABLE
  • 32 process alarms & 4 real-time alarms
  • 1 standard with up to 6 additional inputs
  • 1 standard with 2 optional relay outputs
  • 21 CFR Part II compliant data security
  • SD card (channel data, alarm log, totalizer log, audit log)
  • Color TFT or monochrome FSTN display
  • Optional advanced math function


The ABB ScreenMaster 500F videographic recorder is a field-mountable videographic recorder. Its unique enclosure design enables wall, pipe, or panel-mounting of the unit. Process data is displayed clearly to the local operator through a variety of display formats including chart, bargraph, and digital indicator displays. Process data is logged securely to the removable memory card. Ethernet communications provide convenient remote monitoring of the process and access to logged data.

The SM500F features up to 4 fully universal inputs. Each input can be configured to accept a variety of process signals directly - including mA, mV, RTD (3- or 4-wire), thermocouple, voltage, resistance or digital signal. Process data can be logged at the high speed of 100ms. All analog & digital inputs have 500V channel-to-channel isolation. The SM500F can be upgraded easily with additional I/O due to its modular design. When inserted, additional inputs or relay modules are recognized by the recorder and can then be configured for use.

Two display options are available for ABB ScreenMaster 500F videographic recorders, a 144mm (5.7in) color TFT or a 120mm (4.7in) monochrome FSTN display. An optional door lock, password protected configuration, an internal security switch and an encrypted digital signature for all archived process data all ensure the ABB SM500F meets the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11. The ScreenMaster 500F can provide 10BaseT Ethernet communications via a standard RJ45 connector and uses industry-standard protocols TCP/IP, FTP and HTTP.

An embedded web-server that provides access to web pages created within the recorder is contained within the ABB ScreenMaster 500F videographic recorder. The use of HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) enables standard web browsers to view these pages. Via the SM500F's built-in SMTP client the recorder is able to email notification of important events. Emails triggered from process alarms or other critical process events can be sent to multiple recipients. Ethernet communications can also provide a link to recorders installed in remote locations.