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  • Custom Order - NON-RETURNABLE
  • 1 to 4 pens
  • 10 inch circular charts
  • NEMA 4X, IP66 construction
  • Multiple 6-digit indicator panels
  • 0.1% measurement accuracy
  • High noise immunity
  • Field upgradeable (add I/O and firmware options)
  • Optional RS485 MODBUS serial communications
  • Optional 8-digit totalizers and math functions


The ABB C1900R circular chart recorder is a fully programmable circular chart recorder for up to four process signals. The C1900's straightforward operator controls and robust construction make it suitable for a variety of industrial environments. This AB recorder's high visibility 6-digit display provides a clear indication of up to four process values simultaneously and active alarms are signaled by flashing LEDs below the main display.

Offering seamless integration of loop functionality to solve process problems, the ABB C1900R circular chart recorders eliminate the need for auxiliary devices. Integrating fluid flow to calculate total volume is performed by the built-in totalizers which are available for each channel. Relays can be assigned to increment or reset external counters to match the recorder's totalizer values. User configurable math functions, mass flow calculations and RH tables are all also fully supported.

Additional recording channels, math capability or input and output functions can be retrofitted for the ABB C1900R circular chart recorder on-site using plug-in cards and easily fitted pen arms. Input calibration data is stored on each card, allowing quick changes to input cards without the need for recalibration. Changes to input sensors or recording procedures are accommodated by reconfiguration using the main keypad.

The standard I/O for up to 3 pens includes a universal analog input, 4-20mA analog output, transmitter power supply, 1 relay output and 2 digital inputs. The I/O card for recorders with a fourth pen includes only a universal input and a relay output