KELLER’s Intrinsic Safety Approvals for Level and Pressure Transmitters

by John A.

Keller has been at the forefront of pressure measurement technology since the 1960s. Now, for the first time, three of their top-selling pressure and submersible level transmitters have been certified Intrinsically Safe, significantly expanding applications in which these instruments can be deployed.

The Levelgage; a NSF/ANSI 61 certified submersible level transmitter primarily used in wastewater distribution and water storage; The LevelRat, a submersible level transmitter designed for durability and operational capability in challenging environments such as sewage lift stations; and The Valueline, a high-pressure, NSF/ANSI 61 certified pressure transmitter compatible with most SCADA and PLC systems; are now UL/cUL IS-approved.

The UL and cUL labels ensure rigorous testing and evaluation providing consumers and businesses with confidence that the electrical products they are using have been designed, built, and tested to comply with the safety regulations specific to each country.

Intrinsic Safety (IS) approval is crucial due to the inherent hazards present in certain working environments, where the risk of fire and explosion is high. Keller's design approvals with the use of approved equipment such as a barrier or isolator, ensure that the transmitters operate at energy levels that prevent ignition, thereby minimizing the risk of sparks in extreme temperatures. Industries dealing with flammable gases, vapors, and dust are particularly susceptible to these hazards. In such settings, transmitters with IS approval are essential to ensure safety.

Furthermore, Keller's IS-certified level transmitters not only enhance safety but also offer cost-saving benefits by reducing the need for expensive explosion-proof enclosures and potentially lowering insurance premiums. Moreover, having this type of IS equipment enables maintenance work to continue without disrupting production or acquiring special hot work permits, thereby improving operational efficiency and saving time. These are just some of the significant advantages of having IS-certified equipment, making Keller's line of IS-level transmitters a strategic choice for industrial pressure and level applications in hazardous environments.

At Instrumart, we keep a variety of Keller's popular configurations in stock, and our adaptable platform enables us to provide top-notch solutions with industry-leading lead times. If you want to learn more about Keller and their IS pressure and submersible level transmitters call our engineers today at 1-888-589-5841.