3 Days, 9 Sites, 1 Engineer

by Shawn D.

Picture of Shawn, an Applications Engineer at Instrumart

Instrumart engineer Shawn had quite the trip visiting multiple companies with various challenges and obstacles. From Maine to Massachusetts, he visited nine businesses in three days. The primary focus of an Instrumart site visit is to introduce a new product or 2 while learning about your business. What can we do to make your job easier? Shawn had some of the newest instrumentation from Watlow and was able to demonstrate how it stands out from the competition. Morning appointments are typically accompanied with donuts and all meetings conclude with some useful Instrumart usable swag. Here are a few highlights from his trip.

Header image with text "Millipore Sigma"

Millipore Sigma

Millipore Sigma supports health and life sciences. In this instance, they needed to monitor and control temperature and oxygen levels. After an in-depth discussion, Shawn was able to evaluate and suggest the Watlow F4T Process Controller to control four loops to drive oxygen down and maintain temperature levels, plus data and trend logging. In addition to the controller, there were sensor needs that were also addressed. The capabilities of the controller can really support this opportunity and make sure Millipore Sigma nails this process. This is an exciting chance for Instrumart to support this manufacturer in reaching their goal with a simple and comprehensive solution.

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Desktop Metal

Desktop Metal is continuously evolving 3D printing technology. Forbes even referred to them as “3D printing unicorns”. They have a variety of needs for control and low oxygen monitoring. In one testing jig, they require multiple loops of control and some timer functions. Logging and trends would also be beneficial. The flexibility of the Watlow F4T Process Controller allows them to do this all in one device. The added benefit of simple quick programming and plug and play modules allows the F4T to be easily modified as research needs evolve. The product demonstration was able to show Desktop the benefits and differentiators of the F4T.

Header image with text "Fiber Metals"

Fiber Materials

Fiber Materials makes carbon materials that support branches of the United States Military. Instrumart can assist with many facets related to production. In a simple high temperature furnace located in a harsh environment, Shawn knew this was the perfect situation for the Watlow PM PLUS. While most controllers are IP65, Watlow PM Plus has an IP67 rating. One other thing that really resonated was the full text programming interface menu, making the PM Plus the most intuitive controller available. While Shawn was there, electrical cabinet safety was also discussed. Electrically conductive carbon dust can get into cabinets any time they are open for inspection. Shawn advised the customer that the best way is to keep the dust out is to keep the cabinet closed. Installing infrared windows will enable much safer thermal inspections of electrical panels in addition to a substantial reduction in time - arc flash suit is no longer required.

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