When installing wood flooring it is very important to consider the moisture content of the flooring, subfloor and even the concrete slab. Wood is a hygroscopic material, constantly absorbing and giving off moisture until it reaches an equilibrium moisture content with its surroundings. In an environment with relative humidity values around 40-45%, the equilibrium moisture content will be around 7-8%. If the flooring is installed prior to reaching that point it can warp, buckle, or delaminate, causing significant damage and necessitating costly re-installation. A good quality moisture meter is the best tool you can use to ensure your flooring project goes off without a hitch… or a buckle.

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HOBO MX1101 Temperature / RH Data Loggers
Bluetooth Smart-enabled data logger is designed for wireless communication with Apple or Android mobile devices
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Protimeter Surveymaster Moisture Meter
Rapid, non-invasive, and pin moisture evaluation in wood and other building materials
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HOBO UX100 Temp/RH Data Logger
Temperature & humidity models available, 84,650 measurements, 1 second to 18 hours sampling rates
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FLIR MR160 Imaging Moisture Meter
Combines a thermal imaging camera with a moisture meter to quickly scan and target moisture issues
Protimeter Mini Moisture Meter
General purpose mini moisture meter
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Delmhorst BD-2100 Moisture Meter
Pin-type moisture meter with an adjustable alarm optimized for measuring moisture content in a variety of different building materials
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Protimeter Aquant Moisture Meter
Non-invasive rapid test moisture meter for a wide range of materials
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Protimeter MMS2 Flooring Kit
Complete kit for accurate moisture measurement of concrete floor slabs
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Dwyer MST2-01 Moisture Meter
Handheld moisture meter has the added ability to measure temperature and relative humidity
Delmhorst J-2000 Moisture Meter
Optimized for flooring contractors, woodworkers, furniture manufacturers and small mills and includes built-in wood species correction and temperature correction
Horiba IG Series Gloss Checkers
High-precision IG-320 and high-efficiency IG-331 gloss checkers
$885.00 to $1,203.00
Testo 606 Moisture Meters
Pocket-sized professional moisture measurement technology
Extech MO25 Moisture Meter
Convenient pin-type meter designed for taking quick reference moisture level measurements on wood and other building materials
Extech MO257 Pinless Moisture Meter
Non-invasive moisture measurement in wood and other building materials with virtually no surface damage
Protimeter Timbermaster Moisture Meter
Moisture meter designed specifically for the wood and timber industry with built in calibration scales for 150 wood species
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Protimeter MMS2 Moisture Meter
14 to 122°F, 12:1 (D:S), ±3.6°F accuracy, non contact IR temp measurement includes pin moisture, non-invasive moisture & hygrometry
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Delmhorst HT-3000 Thermo-Hygrometer
Monitors the level of humidity in flooring installations, building inspections, restoration jobs, and even agriculture operations
Extech MO280 Pinless Moisture Meter
Non-invasive measurement of moisture content of building materials and wood
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Extech MO290 Series Moisture Meter
8-in-1 meter with pinless moisture sensor and built-in IR Thermometer in wood and other building materials
Extech MO50 Moisture Meter
Displays moisture level in wood and building materials, wood moisture range 5% to 50%
Extech MO210 Moisture Meter
Determine % moisture with LCD digital and graphical display
Delmhorst J-Lite Moisture Meter
Pin style moisture meter with unique LED display great for reading in direct sunlight or dark areas
Delmhorst BD-10 Moisture Meter
Pin-type moisture meter with an easy to view analog display for measuring moisture content in building materials
Extech MO220 Wood Moisture Meter
Specially designed for monitoring moisture in wood
Delmhorst Navigator Pro Moisture Meter
Easy to use 3-in-1 meter offers pin mode, scan mode, and a thermo-hygrometer in a single handheld moisture meter
FLIR MR77 Moisture Meter
Performs all the critical and advanced moisture measurements professionals demand
Delmhorst TechCheck PLUS Moisture Meter
Easy-to-use meter with pin mode and scan mode designed with simplicity in mind, helping to make even the most demanding job simple
Extech MO260 Combination Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter
Non-invasive moisture measurement in wood and other building materials with virtually no surface damage
Delmhorst RDM-3 Moisture Meter
Precision moisture meter is ideal for anyone who needs to collect and analyze key statistical information for the moisture content in wood and lumber products
Delmhorst ProScan Moisture Meter
Pinless moisture meter provides precise, non-destructive testing for building materials such as wood, drywall, siding, tile and plaster
Extech MO230 Pocket Moisture Meter
Displays moisture in wood and other building materials plus air temperature and relative humidity
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FLIR MR40 Moisture Meter
Single scale, 2-pin moisture meter for quantifying moisture content in common building materials, with integrated flashlight
Protimeter Digital Mini Moisture Meter
Digital pin type moisture meter compatible with a wide range of accessory plug-ins
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Horiba IG-410 High Gloss Meter
Dual range, compact, light weight, detachable probe design
Delmhorst J-4 Moisture Meter
Pin-type analog moisture meter is a tried and true solution for installers, woodworkers, and small shops
Extech MO265 Moisture Meter
Combination pin/pinless moisture meter with digital LCD display
Delmhorst TotalCheck Moisture Meter
3-in-1 meter with data logger function measures and tests for moisture by pin and scan modes and features a removable thermo-hygrometer attachment
Delmhorst HT-4000F Thermo-Hygrometer
Stand-alone thermo-hygrometer with fast acclimating RH/T sensor for flooring installers and inspectors who prefer having separate meters to one combination meter
Delmhorst QuickNav Moisture Meter
Easy to use 3-in-1 meter offers pin mode, scan mode, and a thermo-hygrometer in a single handheld unit
Extech MO280-KW Water Damage Restoration Kit
For monitoring job site conditions, progress, and insurance company reporting
Extech MO280-KH2 Home Inspector Kit
-4 to 500°F, 6:1 (D:S), ±3% accuracy mini IR thermometer aids in identification of moisture, HVAC & hot water system issues
Delmhorst TechScan Moisture Meter
Pinless analog moisture meter make it easy to find moisture "hot spots" and narrow down areas affected by moisture
Extech MO297 Moisture Psychrometer
Pinless moisture psychrometer with infrared thermometer and Bluetooth MeterLink