• YPT980
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  • ± 1%T (transmission) accuracy
  • 1,000 data sets memory capacity
  • Operating Wavelengths: 450, 465, 530, 575,and 620 nm
  • IP-67 rating
  • Touch screen interface
  • Portable, waterproof design


The YSI 9800 Photometer is a portable, waterproof photometer designed for water quality testing and analysis. It has a large touchscreen interface and can perform over 30 different tests for various parameters such as alkalinity, ammonia, chlorine, copper, nitrate, phosphate, pH, and more.

The 9800 uses industry standard test methods and the same reagents as previous YSI photometers. It automatically logs and tags data sets for simplified data management and reporting. Designed to withstand field use with its impact-tested housing, the 9800 Photometer brings lab-quality testing capability to the field while also delivering accurate water quality analysis in the lab setting.

Each YSI 9800 Photometer Kit includes the following: YSI 9800 photometer, a dilution tube, a syringe (luer slip, 10 mL), a polishing cloth, an absorbent cloth, a test tube brush, a USB Type A to C cable, stir rods (qty. 10), test tubes (qty. 10), a reagent box, and a quick start guide.

The 9800 replaces the YSI 9300 and YSI 9500 model photometers.