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Reagent starter kits for the YSI 9300 and 9500 photometers. Instructions are included.

Test Kit Range P/N
(50 tests)
(200 or 250 tests)
Alkalinity, Total (Alkaphot) 0-500 (CaCO3) YPM188 YAP188
Alkalinity-M, (Alkaphot M) 0-500 (CaCO3) YPM250 YAP250
Alkalinity-P, (Alkaphot P) 0-500 (CaCO3) YPM251 YAP251
Aluminum 0-0.5 YPM166 YAP166
Ammonia 0-1.0(N) YPM152 YAP152
Bromine 0-10.0 YPM060 YAP060
Calcium Hardness (Calcicol) 0-500(CaCO3) YPM252 YAP252
Chloride (Chloridol) 0-50,000 (NaCl) YPM268 YAP268
Chlorine DPD 1 0-5.0 YPM011 YAP011
Chlorine DPD 2 0-5.0 YPM021 YAP021
Chlorine DPD 1&3 0-5.0 YPM031 YAP031
Chlorine HR 0-250 YPM162 YAP162
Chromium VI (Hexavalent) 0-1.0 YPM281 YAP280
Copper (Coppercol) 0-5.0 YPM186 YAP186
Color Standard YPT804 N/A
Cyanuric Acid 0-200 YPM087 YAP087
Fluoride 0-1.5 YPM179 YAP179
Hardness (Hardicol) 0-500(CaCO3) YPM254 YAP254
Hydrazine 0-0.5 YPM103 YAP103
Hydrogen Peroxide LR 0-2 YPM104 YAP104
Hydrogen Peroxide HR 0-100 YPM105 YAP105
Iron LR 0-1.0 YPM155 YAP155
Iron HR 0-10 YPM156 YAP156
Magnesium (Magnecol) 0-100 YPM193 YAP193
Manganese 0-0.03 YPM173 YAP173
Molybdate LR 0-20 YPM258 YAP258
Molybdate HR 0-100 YPM175 YAP175
Nickel 0-10 YPM284 YAP284
Nitrate 0-20(N) YPM163 YAP163
Nitrite (N) 0-0.5(N) YPM109 YAP109
Nitrite (NaNo2) 0-1500 (NaNo2) YPM260 YAP260
Organophosphonate (OP) 0-20 (PO4) YPM262 YAP262
Ozone 0-2.0 YPM056 YAP056
pH (phenol red) 6.8-8.4 YPM056 YAP056
Phenol 0-5.0 YPM287 YAP287
Phosphate LR 0-4.0 YPM177 YAP177
Phosphate HR 0-100 YPM114 YAP114
Potassium 0-12 YPM189 YAP189
Silica 0-4.0 YPM181 YAP181
Sulphate 0-200 YPM154 YAP154
Sulphide 0-0.5 YPM168 YAP168
Sulphite 0-500 (Na2SO3) YPM266 YAP266
Turbidity (includes Color) 10-500 YPM269 N/A
Zinc 0-4.0 YPM148 YAP148