• Plug-in framework
  • WPF/XAML vector graphics
  • HTML5 and Mobile APPs
  • OPC UA and I/O communication driver connectivity
  • High performing Database and Cloud
  • Data recording
  • Trends, recipes and reports
  • Alarm manager


The Movicon software is the new industrial automation platform that offers the most innovative and flexible software technology for Windows/Linux HMI projects, SCADA supervisory systems, MES and efficiency analysis solutions essential to Industry 4.0.

Movicon.NExT™ has been designed to guarantee maximum scalability, allowing users to operate in one all inclusive, flexible and easy to use development environment for modular solutions. The scalable architecture can be used to design any project, from small HMIs to Control Rooms, aallowing a remarkable save in costs and time with the added benefit of unlimited deployment possibilities.