• 5 fieldbus device ports
  • 30mA current per device
  • Up to 315mA total current
  • Continuous device and auxiliary port short circuit protection
  • 120m maximum fieldbus cable length


The MTL fieldbus power hub is a mini fieldbus segment in a box. The power hub combines a bulk power supply, fieldbus power conditioner, two built-in terminators, five ports for attaching devices and an auxiliary port for expansion and connection of additional devices. It functions as a zero length homerun with spurs (star topology). The power hub is ideal for benchtops, labs, demonstrations and test setups.

The fieldbus power hub is powered by a plug-in wall transformer with an input voltage range of 100-240VAC (50-60Hz). Adapters are supplied with the transformer for four different country power outlets (North America, Europe, UK, and Australia).

Fieldbus devices can be connected to the power hub with shielded or unshielded twisted pair fieldbus cable. The controller (host), if present, is considered to be a device.

The power hub provides a minimum of 30mA of power-conditioned current for each device port. If the current needs of a fieldbus segment exceed the capability of a device port, the auxiliary port can also be used to provide additional power-conditioned current. The power hub can supply up to 315mA of power-conditioned current for all device ports and the auxiliary port. The power hub can be mounted on a 35mm DIN rail. For applications where AC power is not available, it can also be mounted on a battery pack for fieldbus power in the field.

Current limiting SpurGuard protection for each power hub device port limits the current draw of an attached cable and device and protects against short circuits. A short circuit in a spur cable or device will not take down the entire segment. The remaining devices on the segment continue to operate normally.

Wire connections to the power hub are made using pluggable screw terminal connectors, which allow easy connecting, disconnecting and moving of devices for reconfiguration, maintenance and troubleshooting. Two securing screws on each connector ensure it stays in place.

The fieldbus power hub is also available with two kit options. The Labkit includes the power hub and a pair of cables, which allow connection to a fieldbus device and a National Instruments Fieldbus Interface card (USB, PCMCIA or PCI). The YK2 kit includes the power hub and six cables, allowing connection to five fieldbus devices and a National Instruments Fieldbus Interface card.

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