• FCS-A11
  • Usually ships in 3-5 weeks



  • 14-hour battery life @ 40mA (load-dependent)
  • DIN rail mount for F11 power hub
  • 100mA maximum current
  • 100mA resettable fuse overload protection
  • 18-29V DC output voltage
  • 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C) temperature range


The MTL battery pack is designed for use with the F11 power hub. It allows the power hub to be used in remote areas where AC power is not available. In this way, fieldbus devices may be powered and configured before the entire fieldbus system is ready, which can help streamline the time-critical commissioning process. Battery power for a power hub is also useful for a portable demonstration system.

The battery pack contains three user-replaceable 9V alkaline batteries that will supply power for two fieldbus devices for about 14 hours (or one device for about 28 hours).

A short piece of DIN rail is fixed to the battery pack so that the power hub may be attached to it. Power is transferred from the battery pack to the power hub with a short DC cable, which is plugged into the power hub instead of the wall transformer that comes with the power hub. The cable must be unplugged to prevent draining the battery when it is not in use.