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  • 6 or 12 spur connections
  • 0-40 mA current per spur
  • 45 mA maximum current limit per spur
  • 4.5 mA maximum spur short-circuit current per spur
  • ≥ 10V @ 40 mA spur voltage at 68°F (20°C)
  • 12V minimum no-load voltage
  • 120m maximum spur length
  • 1.5 kV (trunk to spurs) galvanic isolation
  • 30V (module to module) galvanic isolation


The MTL open-frame simplex fieldbus barrier assembly provides intrinsically safe spur connections from a high-energy trunk, for connection to suitably certified Foundation fieldbus H1 instruments. Each unit comprises pre-wired and assembled system components on a stainless steel baseplate, for installation into a suitably certified field enclosure. Connection facilities are provided for the trunk and spur wiring, as well as all electronic modules needed to support a fully-working fieldbus barrier. In a typical application, an Ex e (increased safety) certified field enclosure will be selected to allow installation in a Zone 1 hazardous area. Third-party approval of the enclosure and contents is normally required. Alternative uses include applications such as the installation of multiple fieldbus segments inside a single field enclosure.

Each intrinsically safe spur is capable of supporting a FISCO or Entity-certified fieldbus device located in a Zone 0 or 1 hazardous area. The short-circuit protected spurs are galvanically isolated from the trunk and require no protective ground connection in the field. The units are bus powered and require no additional power supply in the field. When used with a fieldbus host control system, power for the trunk may be provided by MTL power supplies in redundant or non-redundant format.