• F93-XE
  • Usually ships in 3-5 weeks



  • Polarity-insensitive, fault-tolerant design
  • 100Ω, 1μF nominal
  • Foundation fieldbus H1, IEC 61158-2
  • Suitable for Safe area or Zone 2 or Zone 1 location
  • Nylon-based polyamide encapsulated body over FR4 printed wiring board


The MTL F93-XE fieldbus barrier terminator should be used where the fieldbus barrier is the last (or only) device coupler on the segment. The segment must be terminated correctly to ensure that optimum signal quality is maintained.

The trunk termination area has a provision for a fieldbus terminator to be fitted when required. Terminator model F93-XE is used with these fieldbus barriers to provide the correct termination on the trunk segment.