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  • Wifi or LTE Cat M1 plans available
  • Plan sizes include:
    • Base (4.2 Mb/ Month)
    • Mid (25 Mb/ Month)
    • High (46 Mb/ Month)
    • Extreme (250 Mb/ Month)
  • Plans with a fee will need to be paid every year

This product is an accessory for the following products:

Define Instruments Nimbus IoT Cloud Interface
2 4–20ma inputs (non-isolated), 4 digital inputs, direct wireless interface, optional RS485 ModBus RTU master/slave interface
In Stock
Define Instruments Zen IoT Gateway & Data Logger
IoT edge processor with real-time OS, up to 22 inputs/40 inputs/outputs, 8 Isolated outputs, RS485 ModBus RTU master/slave interface
In Stock

The Define Instruments Cloud Data Plans provide one year of data for the Nimbus IoT Cloud Interface and the Zen IoT Gateway & Data Logger. Define Cloud Service contracts may be upgraded during the contract period using Define online service portal.

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Base (4.2 Mb/ Month)
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