• DCS Define Cloud Services (DCS) connection
  • MQTT with Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2)
  • RP-SMA Antenna Connection on Wifi Units
    SMA Antenna Connection on Cellular Units
  • Data record store and forward record buffer
  • RTC record data time stamp at origin
  • 2 Process (4–20mA) inputs
  • 4 Digital inputs
  • 3 Relay outputs
  • 1 logic output (Open collector)


The Define Instruments Nimbus IoT Cloud Interface collects signals from industrial equipment for processing and publishing to the Cloud. Designed for monitoring small machines and automation systems it enables data visibility for determining machine health or process efficiency. Industrial grade digital inputs, relay contacts and analog process (4–20mA) input channels easily link process sensor inputs and standalone legacy automation such as PLCs, variable frequency drives and other discrete control systems to Industrial IoT cloud services.

Additionally, the Nimbus has a built-in Cloud interface so you can send data from your machine to the Cloud It is useful for scheduling maintenance, replenishing consumables and other "upkeep" tasks.

Antennas should be mounted outside of metal enclosures. Extension cables available as accessories


This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Identifying Overheated Rollers in Conveyor Belt Systems

The Background: Our customer is a large industrial facility with multiple conveyor belt systems used to move material throughout the plant. They seek a consolidated means of monitoring the rollers for overheating.

The Problem: Overheated rollers are a leading cause of fires in factories. Due to the continuous motion of conveyor systems, if a bearing wears out it can quickly overheat and ignite the rubber conveyor belt. Even relatively small conveyors can have hundreds of rollers making it difficult to monitor them all.

The Solution: We recommended the Define Instruments Nimbus smart relay. The Nimbus can interface with temperature sensors and wirelessly relay data to a display or alarm. This is a simple, effective means of monitoring the temperature of the conveyor rollers without having to run additional wiring.

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10-32 VDC power supply
Cellular modem (eMTC) LTE Cat M1
No RS232/485 communications
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85-265 VAC/DC power supply
Wifi (801.11)
No RS232/485 communications
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