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  • Fully automatic on-line analysis
  • Objective, highly repeatable measurements
  • 0.5°C hydrocarbon dew-point accuracy
  • Fundamental chilled mirror principle
  • Patented detection technique
  • Self-cleaning
  • No purge or cooling gas required
  • Optional water dew-point analysis
  • Modbus RTU
  • IECEx, ATEX, CCSAUS and GOST Ex certifications


The Michell Condumax II Dew Point Analyzer System is a fully self-contained hydrocarbon dew point analyzer, using the proven "Dark Spot" hydrocarbon dew point measurement principle from the highly successful Condumax instrument. Combining a hydrocarbon dew point cell and water dew point measurement in the same compact and lightweight EExd enclosure, Condumax II On-Line requires nothing more than mains power to operate.

The sampling system includes pressure regulation, flow control and most importantly micro-porous membrane filtration with by-pass arrangement and condensate drain to give fast response and protection from liquid hydrocarbon/glycol contamination. Dual channel sampling is available for the combined hydrocarbon/water dew point analyzer package.

The outdoor version is housed in an IP66 rated, insulated stainless steel enclosure. The optional thermostatically controlled heating ensures reliable operation with no condensate or water drop-out prior to measurement. For both the indoor and outdoor sampling systems, the Condumax II Main Unit is mounted integral to the Sampling System.