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PhyMetrix features a dedicated state of the art lab conforming to the ANSI American National Standard for Calibration. PhyMetrix performs calibration of any manufacturer's hygrometer with Certificate of Calibration traceable to NIST. Their environmentally controlled lab is continually monitored for fluctuations of humidity, temperature and dust to ensure constant accuracy of our equipment, resulting in precise measurements of your instruments.

The calibration lab is equipped with a NIST traceable Chilled Mirror device, Buck Research Model CR-1A with a range of -120 to 30ºC and a proprietary mixing station with a flow control system. By utilizing the most sophisticated equipment available, PhyMetrix assures that your instruments will perform with reliable precision and accuracy. PhyMetrix offers a full range of calibration services. Call us at 800-884-4967 or click the "Request Price" button and tell us the model and nature of service requested.