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  • -166 to 68°F (-110 to 20°C) dewpoint Sensor
  • Rechargeable battery with weatherproof connector
  • Integral flow control valve
  • Integral demister with 360° view
  • Direct on-the-pipe mounting
  • Swiveling quick connect, 1/4in NPT port
  • Built-in temperature compensation
  • Graphical display
  • Programmable data logging
  • Battery backed clock calendar
  • On-screen histogram and trend graph
  • Built-in flow meter
  • Units of measure:
    • °C & °F dewpoint, ppmV, ppmW, µB H2O vapor pressure, grams of H2O / m3, Lbs H2O /106 standard cubic feet in Natural Gas.
  • Virtual Analyzer PC training & demo software
  • NIST calibrations
  • Impact resistant IP65 enclosure

What's in the Box

  • USB Cable
  • Universal AC Charger
  • Plug set for international shipments
  • User’s Manual
  • NIST Certificate


The PhyMetrix DewPatrol Moisture Analyzer has the capability to be a rechargeable battery powered portable unit or a direct on-the-pipe mounted instrument. It has an integral demister with a 360° view of contaminants and drain valve. The DewPatrol also has a built in flow control valve and flow meter. This analyzer has an optional pressure sensor with automatic dew point correction available.