Phymetrix Inc. a global provider of advanced sensing and measurement instruments assembled a renowned team of Scientists and Engineers to research and design a revolutionary line of measurement instruments to meet today’s market needs. With over two decades of experience in the field of process measurement, the team released in December of 2008 the world’s smallest, fastest, most accurate moisture measurement instruments. This multi-million dollar business brings a new level of efficiency to advanced sensing and measurement for Laboratory and Process Control applications.

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Phymetrix DewPatrol Moisture Analyzer
Small, lightweight, portable or permanent install compressed air / instrument air moisture measurement
Phymetrix PPMa Portable Moisture Analyzer
Fast, accurate and repeatable handheld dew point meter, with Nanosensor technology
Phymetrix ExMa Explosion-Proof Moisture Analyzer
Complete sampling system and natural gas dew point meter
Phymetrix PLMa Loop Powered Moisture Analyzer
Small & lightweight dew point sensor, dew point probe
Phymetrix PPBa Benchtop Dew Point Analyzer
Portable moisture analyzer with Nanosensor technology
Phymetrix NIST Re-calibration Services
Cost effective NIST traceable moisture instrument certification
Phymetrix Mini-Demister for PPMa
Gas-liquid separator
Phymetrix Mini Heat Exchanger
Dissipates ~ 90% of temperature gradient between sample and ambient