• MQTT cloud service interface
  • TLS security layer, store and forward record buffer
  • RTC data time stamp
  • Wi-Fi (802.11)
  • RS485 display port, RS485 master port
  • 2 non-isolated process (4-20mA) inputs, 4 digital inputs
  • Up to 3 relay outputs (2x form A, 1x form C, 16A)
  • 1 auxiliary power output
  • Logs 200 samples


The Zen IoT G3 collates signals from industrial equipment for processing and publishing to the Cloud. Designed for monitoring small machines and automation systems, it enables data visibility for determining machine health or process efficiency. Industrial grade digital inputs, relay contacts and analog process input channels link process sensor inputs and standalone legacy automation such as PLCs, variable frequency drives and other discrete control systems to IoT cloud services.

The Zen IoT G3 converts, conditions and processes analog signals directly to wireless Wi-Fi (802.11), and the built-in cloud interface sends data from a user's machine directly to the cloud. A 4G cellular antenna (eMTC) LTE Cat-M1 can also be added for remote applications.

The Zen IoT G3 natively supports MQTT Industrial IoT communications protocol. The Modbus RTU master/slave communication port directly interfaces to metering and control automation. The unit's onboard logic engine allows customization tailored to specific measurement and monitoring requirements. The Zen IoT G3 provides Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2) protocol. In the event of a network communications failure the Zen IoT G3 Store and Forward function buffers data locally, forwarding to the cloud server once network communications are reinstated.

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