• ±3.6°F or ±2% accuracy
  • 382 x 288px optical resolution
  • Available lenses
    • 13° x 10° FOV, f = 1.6in
    • 29° x 22° FOV, f = 0.7in
    • 53° x 40° FOV, f = 0.4in
    • 80° x 56° FOV, f = 0.3in
  • 7.9µm spectral range
  • Up to 80Hz frame rate
  • 392 to 2732°F temperature range
  • 130mK thermal sensitivity
  • Linescan function
  • USB power supply
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What's in the Box

  • 1 lens
  • 3.3ft USB cable
  • Standard PIF with 3.3ft cable & terminal block
  • Table tripod
  • Optris PI Connect Software
  • Rugged outdoor case


The Optris PI 450 G7 infrared camera provides exact temperature measurements on glass surfaces providing thermal images in real time. It has 7.9µm spectral range with a frame rate that can switch between 27 and 80Hz. The PI 450 G7 functions at ambient temperatures of up to 158°F without the need for additional cooling. It's small size is suitable for use in confined spaces.

The Optris PI Connect software offers linescan mode to enable temperature measurement of panes of glass during transport on conveyor belts to thoroughly document production. It measures the temperature distribution between the heating and cooling zone, automatically regulating the heating or cooling elements when necessary.

The complimentary PI Connect software provides extensive analysis of measurement data both on and off line, and can be customized to suit the demands of even the most unique applications. Features include automatic process and quality control, video recording, snap shot, and remote control of the camera. The PI connect software is necessary to interpret measurement results and is compatible with all netbooks, notebooks, and computer systems using Windows 7, 8, and 10.